How To Market Your Plugin: A Framework for the Sleep-Deprived Developer

"Awesome idea, our industry needs this book! You’re def the person to write this and make sure it’s full of goodies." Vito Peleg If you’re a developer who’s creating plugins, what’s stopping you from selling them? We will hit every area of marketing, step-by-step to raise your brand awareness, affinity, and sales. This is the must-have framework for the solo-developer plugin shop to successfully market their plugin in the current WordPress ecosystem. Bridget Willard has been marketing WordPress plugins since 2015. She gives you the framework on how to market your plugin over the next three years. Besides her experience and research, Bridget has personally reached out to experts like Chris Badgett, Anil Gupta, Devin Walker, Marc Benezekein, Adrian Tobey, and Veto Peleg for their insights to help you on your journey.Bridget is known for marketing such products as Pressable, GiveWP, StagingPilot, Hapity, Postmatic, MediaRon LLC, Ninja Forms, Vendor Fuel, PressHero, Design Frame Solutions, Ginger Soul Plugins, Amplify Plugins, Cipher Development, codemiq, Codebrain Media, Press Captain, and Big Orange Heart. "It would have been great to have this book before we launched a couple of years ago! We searched and searched the internet for 'how-to's' and didn't really find anything. Just one or two sparse articles. Great idea Bridget! Much needed!" Adrian Tobey, Groundhogg

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Book Title: How To Market Your Plugin: A Framework for the Sleep-Deprived Developer

Book Author: Bridget Willard

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