Aftermath: A Firefighters Life

“Powerful, honest, & moving.” — Open BookWho doesn’t rush to the window when a fire truck rushes by? Bryan Ratushniak, has spent a thirty-two-year career working on the busiest fire trucks in Canada and has detailed his adventures in this witty memoir. The book details the emotional damage inflicted by the horrors of the job and how the author came out the other side more or less in one piece. Ratushniak shares the ups and downs of balancing home and professional life while trying to hold onto his sanity. On the Job: A Firefighter’s Life is filled with candid, humorous, tragic, and hopeful stories from behind the “big red doors.”

Book Details

Book Title: Aftermath: A Firefighters Life

Book Author: Bryan Ratushniak

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1770865764