Student Workbook for Practice Management for the Dental Team

An indispensable companion to the textbook, Student Workbook for Practice Management for the Dental Team, 8th Edition, offers a wealth of interactive exercises for recall, reinforcement, and application. Separated by chapter for easy correlation to the text, the workbook contains chapter summaries and learning outcomes; hundreds of practice questions; critical thinking scenarios with questions; and practical, skills-based assignments. An included EagleSoft practice management CD-ROM and original exercises give students real-world practice managing all aspects of the dental office.Correlating chapters between the workbook and textbook allow you to follow along every step of the way to ensure comprehension.Case scenarios with questions help you apply the concepts you’ve learned to provide solutions to everyday office dilemmas.Hundreds of review questions include multiple-choice, short-answer, matching, true-false, and fill-in-the-blank items to help you practice for examinations.Chapter overviews recap chapter content and set the stage for workbook questions and exercises.Learning objectives in each workbook chapter serve as checkpoints for comprehension, skills mastery, and study tools in preparation for examinations.Trusted authorship from Betty Finkbeiner and a team of contributors lends years of experience as in practice and education, ensuring that you are learning the best information from the best experts.NEW! EagleSoft Version 17 practice management software and technical support from parent company Patterson Dental provide an easy-to-use simulated office environment.UNIQUE! Original practice exercises give you realistic experience working with the EagleSoft program to better prepare you for office life.NEW and UPDATED! Electronic health record (EHR) content addresses the changes in technology related to the paperless dental office to help you become compliant with 2014 EHR federal mandates.NEW! Artwork focuses on the office transition to paperless dentistry.NEW! Practice quizzes for each chapter on the Evolve website help you test comprehension and prepare for exams.

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Book Title: Student Workbook for Practice Management for the Dental Team

Book Author: Betty Ladley Finkbeiner CDA Emeritus BS MS,Charles Allan Finkbeiner BS MS

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ISBN: 0323171478